Products we offer: 3G SMS Modem Pool

  • Support SIM Cards from 8 to 512 SIM;
  • With CDMA and WCDMA versions;
  • With max 32 Channels sending SMS concurrently;
  • With one channel with up to 16 SIM cards for rotating, best for extremely heavy SMS senders;
  • Max Per Hour Outgoing speed at: estimated 110K SMS per Hour; 
  • Industry Grade Equipment, months unattended operation time;


Why Buy from Us?

  • We offer professional after sales services;
  • Further development services;
  • Integration with your existing solutions;
  • Onsite deploy and professional service for South East Asia customers;
  • Local warranty for SEA regional customers;
  • Proven track records, thousands of deployment per year;
3G CDMA WCDMA SMS Modem Pool Listing

ACOM632W-512 SMS Modem

512 SIM, 32 Channels

ACOM632W-256 SMS Modem

256 SIM, 32 Channels

ACOM632W-128 SMS Modem

128 SIM, 32 Channels

ACOM632W-32 SMS Modem

32 SIM, 32 Channels

ACOM616W-256 SMS Modem

256 SIM, 16 Channels

ACOM616W-128 SMS Modem

128 SIM, 16 Channels

ACOM616W-64 SMS Modem

64 SIM, 16 Channels

ACOM616W-16 SMS Modem

16 SIM, 16 Channels

ACOM608SW-32 SMS Modem

32 SIM, 8 Channels

ACOM608SW-8 SMS Modem

8 SIM, 8 Channels

Why Choosing Our SMS Modems

Management Interfaces

All equipment come with web based management interfaces (English only). 

Users are able to control all the functiosn the devices can provide, including SIM card rotation, disable/enable ports, review IMEI numbers, check SIM registration status, etc.

2G/3G/4G Compatible

Our devices are compatible with all existing GSM, CDMA, WCDMA and LTE network.

Components are installed and built based on customer network requests.  For countries without GSM network, we have the matching 3G and 4G versions. Customization is provided.

API Integration

All functions can be accessed via JSON based Web Service Secured functions.

Further development with additional SMS Automation, SMS Queue, SMS Priority (OTP), SMS Reminders, SMS Templates, can be provided by our team with professional service.
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