Deployment Case Studies

Industrial grade equipment, and professional engineering service.


MMG Deployment

Ministry Medical Group Pte Ltd is a Singapore based Corporate Health Screening Service provider.

We use our SMS Gateway system to deploy a local and private SMS Gateway solutions for MMG's admin, sales, customers officers to communicate via their customers better.

SMS reminders are sent to screening participants 24 hours before screening, notifying them for locations and other information information.

SMS is also used for secured OTP when Report is Ready for download to ensure the best possible security to protect screening participants private data.

Robi Singapore Deployment

Robi is a Japan designed Robot and sold via self-assemble weekly delivered parts magazine.

Customers are country specific. In this case all the customers are in Singapore, order via Credit Cards Subscriptions.

All customers will receive auto SMS updates on order and payment status to ensure each transaction is updated to customer.

Customer Service team is based in Taiwan, thus our solution also enables CSO team serves Singapore customers via SMS and Voice calls.

Xpressflower.com Deployment

Xpressflower.com is the largest online Flowers and Gifts store for Singapore market.

The full order flow is updated to customers, and order processing team via SMS notifications.

Delivery arrangement is also fully integrated with SMS.