ACOM508L-32 VoIP Gateway

EjoinTech is a professional developer and manufacturer of VoIP products. EjoinTech provides ACOM brand VoIP communication devices and solutions. And we also offer customized products and OEM service. They are a cost-effective gateway for SOHO, SMEs and system integrator and it also opens up new revenue generating opportunities for service providers. 

ACOM508L-32 series is able to process traditional voice call service and internet data service.

  • Support G729a/b/e,G723.1,G.711 A/U law, iLBC auto-selecting
  • EBO(Ejoin Bandwidth Optimization)
  • Proxy Encryption Solution for IP Block
  • Support SIM Bank
  • VPN(pptp)
  • SIM Card Rotating(ACOM508W-32)
  • Solution to solve the SIM card blocked by
  • Accumulated Call Duration
  • Accumulated Connected Calls
  • Accumulated Calls
  • Consecutive Failed Calls
  • Consecutive No-Alert Calls
  • Consecutive No-Answer Calls
  • Consecutive No Carrier Calls
  • Consecutive Short-Duration Calls
  • Station intelligent switching
  • ERMS(Ejoin Remote Management System)
  • Port Inter-Calling
  • Fake Ring-back
  • Call Duration Limitation for SIM Card/Single
  • Dial Plan/Prefix Inward Translation/Intelligent Routing
  • Web Browser: Firefox/Chrome /IE/Opera


ACOM 508L-32

Number of Channels

8 Channels 32 SIM



SIP Specification

SIP/2.0 RFC3261

Session Timer RFC4028


Network Protocols




Telephony Features

Hot-line  call  ,Dial  plan,  Speed  dial,  Phone  book,

CDR,  LCR, White/Black list

Telephony Signaling

DTMF tone detection/generation

DTMF relay: in-band, RFC 2833 and SIP info

Call forward: unconditional, no answer and busy

N-way conferencing

Caller ID display/generation, Mobile Number Portability

Voice Capability

Voice codecs:G729a/b/e,G723.1,G.711 A/U law, iLBC

Echo cancellation

Silence suppression & detection(VAD, CNG)

Adaptive jitter buffer

Volume adjustable

IVR customized

Number of Ports

1 WAN 10/100Base-T ethernet(RJ-45 connector)

1 Console(USB)


1 Power and 8 card online and running status indicator

Power Supply

100-240VAC, 50 - 60 Hz IN, 12V/5A OUT

Operating Environment

Operating temperature: 0 - 50ºC

Operating humidity: 10 – 90%RH


12 Months

  • SMS Send, Receive and Forward(GSM/SIP/HTTP)
  • SMS Inbox
  • AT Command , USSD
  • SMS Format: PDU/TXT
  • PIN Code Management
  • CDMA Delay Answer
  • GSM Polarity Reversal
  • Carrier Selection
  • Caller ID Hidden(need SIM Card support)
  • Multi-language Interface
  • USB Serial COM
  • Configuration Backup and Restore
  • Support HTTP/TFTP Upgrade
  • Call statistics: ASR,ACD,PDD
  • Ejoin Remote Management System