Products we offer: Analog FXS FXO Gateway

  • Compatible existing FXS (Foreign eXchange Subscriber) and FXO (Foreign eXchange Office) devices;
  • Support 4 Ports to 32 Ports for Voice and Fax Communications;
  • Support P2P Calls and Proxy Based Calls;
  • Support Call Routing over Internet/VPN IP Network to avoid high charges; 
  • Ideal for cross country CRM or Support teams;
  • Industry Grade Equipment, months unattended operation time;


Why Buy from Us?

  • We offer professional after sales services;
  • Further development services;
  • Integration with your existing solutions;
  • Onsite deploy and professional service for South East Asia customers;
  • Local warranty for SEA regional customers;
  • Proven track records, thousands of deployment per year;
Analog FXS Gateway Product Listing

ACOM232N 32FXS Gateway

32 Ports

ACOM224N 24FXS Gateway

24 Ports

ACOM216N 16FXS Gateway

16 Ports

ACOM208N 8FXS Gateway

8 Ports

ACOM204N 4FXS Gateway

4 Ports

Analog FXO Gateway Product Listing

ACOM232T 32FXO Gateway

32 Ports

ACOM224T 24FXO Gateway

24 Ports

ACOM216T 16FXO Gateway

16 Ports

ACOM208T 8FXO Gateway

8 Ports

ACOM204T 4FXO Gateway

4 Ports

Analog FXO+FXS Gateway Product Listing

ACOM232H 16FXS16FXO Gateway

16+16 Ports

ACOM208H 4FXS4FXO Gateway

4+4 Ports

ACOM204H 2FXS2FXO Gateway

2+2 Ports

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